Communities In Schools Case Study

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Too Much of a Good Thing

The previous version of the website was filled to the brim with fantastic statistics, various initiatives, success stories, and heartbreaking information about the state of poor children’s performance in school. Unfortunately, all of this was crammed onto a single page website. In spite of the volume and quality of the information, the message wasn’t coming through. The problem Communities In Schools is fixing is very real, but it was hard for an outsider to quickly understand the problem, much less what steps it would take to fix it. 

Painting the Picture

One of the first steps was re-organizing the site structure to give each piece of information a space of its own. When you talk to Laurie, you can feel the passion and pain that’s driving this wonderful organization. The keys to bringing the message home quickly:

  1. Photos of kids
  2. Fast stats
  3. Creating clear action steps for people who want to help

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