Facebook Ads Case Study: The Augusta Press Subscriber Launch Campaign

Powerserve Metrics for Facebook Ads Case Study The Augusta Press Subscriber Launch Campaign

At Powerserve, we are asked regularly about case studies, so it is time to step up our game and start sharing some of our top stories among our customers. For this article, we are proud to showcase our Facebook Ads Case Study for The Augusta Press, a new and locally-owned online newspaper that is dedicated to covering Richmond and Columbia counties around Augusta, Georgia. Since these guys are literally in our backyard we knew that we could help them launch their paper at the beginning of 2021 with a targeted campaign to gain subscribers.

While this is a great Facebook Ads Case Study to gain subscribers, it is also a guide for anyone looking for examples on how to get a strong ROI using social media advertising through targeting, concise spend and strong content.

Working with the ownership team and slate of killer reporters, we took commercials initially intended for traditional TV broadcast and converted them to social videos. In addition, we created a simple landing page for subscribers on their new website theaugustapress.com. We curated a list of potential subscribers using the networks for the reporters and owners and built a look-a-like audience that we could serve ads too.

Facebook Ads Case Study Strategy

We knew that Facebook Ads would be our primary driver of the strategy, complimenting efforts in traditional media and Google Ads. Our Facebook video strategy meant that we needed use several optimization methods to ensure the algorithm delivered the results we were looking for – more subscribers!


  • Ad Recall
  • Post Engagements
  • Landing Page Views
  • Website Subscribers

Ads were optimized for video views and linked to the simple landing page for conversions. Then, users that watched the “ad recall” video were shown further video ads using “post engagement” and “landing page views” optimization settings. In the final phase of the campaign, these people are shown “website subscriber” ads ensuring that these likely subscribers sign up.

The campaign in early January 2021 reached over 130K people with 629K impressions and an average of $2.50 per final subscriber.


  • Integrated Website
  • Digital Advertising

Moving forward, we are always looking at room for improvement. With the short lead time to launch, we would have seen better results with a longer time period to warm-up the audience with additional advertising and exposure. In addition, we can now use existing subscribers and website traffic to refine our audiences to really shine. Check out our Services page to learn more.

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