Is it Time to Let Internet Explorer Go?

Many people still cling to their older browsers. While it’s always good to question whether or not upgrading software is worth it, the science is in on Internet Explorer. Is it worth your loyalty? Is it really time to get rid of Internet Explorer?

Short answer – Yes!


Your primary concern should be that Internet Explorer has some security issues. That’s not to say that Microsoft doesn’t release fixes for some older browsers, but they are on a fixed schedule and could take months before release. Many modern browsers release bug fixes and security patches on an as needed basis, usually in the background where users don’t even notice.

So Says Microsoft

Even Microsoft, the company responsible for building and maintaining Internet Explorer, wants you to stop using this outdated browser. The gist of it is that IE was meant as a “compatibility solution” that does not support new and progressing web standards. They have since ditched this old model and support modern web standards with their Edge browser.

Oh, and if you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, read the Microsoft article by clicking here.


The simple fact is that most companies simply don’t design and test for Internet Explorer anymore. With the Edge browser being standard on Windows 10 machines, fewer and fewer people are using IE as well. It’s simply not worth the time and effort for most companies to support the platform. Sure, there are legacy systems that may still require it, but for a vast majority of internet users, the choice is clear.

It’s time to let go of Internet Explorer.