Reasons You Should Consider A Mobile App

I bet you’ve noticed this, that the largest, most heavily visited websites have apps. In that case, smaller businesses are probably wondering if they should get an app to stay competitive. We’ve been talking about this around our office, why a small business should have an app, and here are my thoughts…

Mobile Accessibility

A key benefit of an app is that it makes your page, product, or service more accessible. If you have regular customers/visitors/users, than an easily accessible app means they don’t have to open a browser to visit your site. An app also allows users to engage with your service even when they don’t have internet access.

SEO Indexing

Google indexes both Android and iOS apps, and uses that information to rank websites. It’s important to have an app tailored for your website, and sites without an app might get left in the dust.

More Visibility

Not only will it improve your SEO rankings, put you in with app searches, and put your logo in a place where your clients will see you on a regular basis, increasing your brand visibility, but having an app will also make it easy for you to alert users of updates and new deals. Apps can also be linked with social networking sites, so when your customers use it, could appear in their news feed, thereby sending you traffic through credible referrals.  This increased visibility will also be a great way to ensure you get repeat traffic.

Collect Information

A mobile app can be used to collect information about your customers so you can see whether or not you are effectively reaching your targeted demographic.

Think your business could use an app? Give us a call, we’d love to brainstorm with you!

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