Savannah River Brewing Company – Beer for Everyone

Savannah River Brewing Company proudly provides the finest beers, ales, lagers, and other unique styles of hand-crafted malts and hops here in Augusta, Georgia. With their exceptional brewhouse occupying over 16,000 square feet, SRBC is a sought after destination for friends, family, furry friends, and fellow beer enthusiasts. Plenty of seating and ample free parking accommodations make SRBC an excellent location for private events such as corporate meetings, parties, and receptions.

The SRBC Taproom provides complete visibility into the brewhouse, making it a central point of conversation and allowing their patrons to participate in the brewing process. The approximate 1.7 million cans of beer produced annually arrive from their initial configuration of 7 fermenters, delivering 420 barrels of simultaneous fermenting capacity in a single cycle, which equals to over 13,000 gallons/ 140,000 cans of beer per cycle! SRBC truly delivers beer for everyone.

Savannah River Brewing Company Listings

Untapped Potential

Savannah River Brewing Company realized a need to improve the online presence of their brewery. Much of their online business information was inaccurate, which impacted customer experience and the optimization of their social accounts. In late 2019, SRBC enlisted the help of Powerserve and allocated funds to SEO-boosting Powercore and Yext Platforms in order to acquire clients and establish a secure avenue to monitor online reviews in the competitive brewing industry. SRBC trusted Powerserve to establish a match-and-lock system to ensure they had sole ownership of all of their online listings AND their social accounts. This not only mitigates potential risk, but provides a greater reach for their unique brand on over 100 listing sites with a drastic increase in visibility, reviews, and clicks.

The Process

Powerserve’s Powercore team accomplishes the task of listings management through Yext by leveraging over 100 different listings sites, a best-practices enabled Facebook page, and a verified Google “My Business” listing. To take these listings to the next level, we plugged them into Yext, locked the critical information and then pushed it to over 100 different listing sites, greatly increasing their SEO and online presence. SRBC shows they truly care about their clients by reading and responding to reviews and recommendations across any online listing site. Finally, we are able to deliver analytics which provide essential metrics that prevent blindly guessing where problems may arise. These analytics show trends and gaps to help identify any potential issues and keep Savannah River Brewing Company growing (and brewing!).

The Results

After implementing their Powercore services, Powerserve has increased Savannah River Brewing Company’s numbers five times over with the amount of those asking for directions to the brewery and website clicks. We have strengthened their views in search engines by six times, and have shown the same amount of success views on maps in only a four-month timespan. Along with this, SRBC’s profile views have increased from 10 to nearly 2500 a month, and Facebook impressions have shown great success, nearly doubling in volume. We also have greatly increased the amount of reviews coming in, which undoubtedly attracts new clients and patrons.  With matching & accurate information across the board, Powerserve has helped Savannah River Brewing Company to elevate their online presence and enjoy stellar results so they can continue to focus on providing excellent brews for everyone.

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