Digital Advertising

At Powerserve, our full-service digital marketing team develops not just cost-effective media plans, but innovative media programs that add value to your company’s bottom line. We make sure every dollar counts by impacting the metrics that matter most.

We believe it is the combination of experienced professionals, creativity, platform integration, attribution and constant optimization that helps our clients stay ahead of the marketing curve and deliver real, measurable results that positively impact ROI.



Meetings with our Strategic and Creative teams to determine objectives and goals for your digital advertising campaigns.

Tagging and Attribution

We make sure accounts are setup using industry best practices. We complete tagging and attribution so we can track and optimize campaigns.


From automated reports to detail analysis, we deliver the metrics that prove the effectiveness of digital ads.

Media Planning

Our Ad Specialists take the time to communicate keywords, budgets, 1st and 3rd-party audiences, flight dates, frequency settings and campaign structure with you.

audience Targeting

Whether you need remarketing, third-party data integrations, or aggressive competitive conquesting, we help you understand your audience and the data available to use in campaigns.


No "set it and forget it" here at Powerserve! We are in campaigns daily, ensuring spend and performance match your expectations.

cross-platform strategy

At Powerserve, we know that some client require a Cross-Platform digital marketing strategy. With unique access to platforms like Google's Display Video 360, and over 20 years experience in Google AdWords, we know the right combination of advertising to drive traffic and convert for your business. We have extensive experience with both B2B and B2C clients - from eCommerce to Connected TV, Powerserve has done it.

Powerserve Digital Advertising Platforms

Creative and Ad Copy Process

Our Creative Team works in concert with our Strategic Team to build custom, dynamic ads that balance speed and design to achieve our client's goals. We consider demographics, location, buyer or marketing funnel stage and purchase intent when designing ads or ad copy for our clients.

Demographics + Location +
Buyer's Journey
+ Purchase Intent

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