Updating Your Website Without Losing Your SEO

Most of the time when a client comes to us saying they want to redesign their website, we quickly start thinking about how to maintain their current SEO stats, especially if those stats are high. Also, whenever there’s a chance for a redesign it can be an opportunity to increase that SEO. Below are my thoughts…

1. Crawl the existing website. Knowing the structure, meta data and URLs are important for identifying exactly what needs changing and why.

2. Audit the website. It’s important to know what search engines like and don’t like about your website. This helps in spotting problem areas that need to be fixed as wellas areas that need to stay the way they are. You’re looking for things like missing page titles, missing H1 tags, broken links, and if the image alt text is descriptive.

3. Do a rank check. A rank check measures how the site performs for a host of keywords in search engines. You’ll use this data as a comparison for the newly launched site. If things change, you can react and identify the problems when you check the results.

4. Check content. Don’t delete anything you don’t have to delete. You might think your old blog posts aren’t needed, but they are all adding to the credibility of your site.

These are just a few things to check on as you go through the redesign process. Feel free to call us if you have any kind of questions about your web presence!

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