Video Ads for Facebook and Youtube Case Study: The Aiken Senior Life Services Campaign

How using Video Ads on Facebook and YouTube Revealed Aiken’s Best Kept Secret

Client: Aiken Senior Life Services
Problem: Lack of Brand Awareness
Solution: Connecting with audience in a unique and memorable way


Aiken Senior Life Services partners with the seniors of Aiken County, SC to ‘age gracefully in place’ by providing meals, transportation, and social interactions. For the last 50 years they have successfully supplied the tools that this community needs in order to maintain the independence they crave. The problem is that a lot of people in the Aiken community were completely oblivious to this organization and the impact they have on their community. Enter Powerserve. For this campaign, Powerserve partnered with Beckham Ruff Creative to pull back the curtain and reveal ASLS to its community.


  • Grow brand awareness for Aiken Senior Life Services
  • Introduce Aiken Senior Life Services to target audience
  • Retain existing Aiken Senior Life Services users and gain new users


  • Equip the creative content made from the partnership with Beckham Ruff Creative – Aiken’s own solo creative think powerhouse – with an attractive digital campaign. 
  • Utilize a paid social media ad campaign to highlight the work of Aiken Senior Life Services on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and DV 360.

“Every branding campaign needs an idea to captivate the audience and a megaphone to reach it. When it comes to storytelling, Powerserve is a proven amplifier.”
– Beckham Ruff

  • Move away from static content and into a video campaign once the success and cost effectiveness of using videos was recognized.

Key Results


  • Reach = number of unique users who were shown content
  • Total Reach of 113,092
    • Combined from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms
    • Total Target Population: 150,367
  • 62% of Reach on Facebook/Instagram Platforms
  • 38% of Reach on YouTube


  • Impressions = number of times content was displayed to unique users
  • Total number of Impressions: 807,705
  • 24% of Impressions on Facebook/Instagram Platforms
  • 12% of Impressions on YouTube Platform
  • 64% of Impressions on DV360


  • CPM (Cost per Thousand) = a standardized way to measure the effectiveness of an ad
    • Low CPM = Higher number of Impressions = The better an ad is performing
  • Average CPM of $4.09
    • $ 4.06 – Facebook and Instagram* 
    • $ 6.14 – YouTube*
    • $ 2.08 – DV 360*

*Average for May-July


The overall goal with this campaign was to create brand awareness for Aiken Senior Life Services. From May to July we were able to reach 75% of Aiken County’s population within our demographic, and with a total number of impressions of 807,705 that means on average each user was seeing ASLS content about 7 times. As seen in this campaign, implementing video content in a paid social media campaign can be an incredibly effective way to increase awareness about a brand. Videos allow you the opportunity to better convey your message which in turn better captivates your audience. In working with Powerserve, Aiken Senior Life Services optimized their ad campaign to better tell their story to the people of Aiken.

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