Why does Google say my site is “Not Secure”?

If you don’t have an SSL/TLS certificate, your site will show “Not secure”

If you have paid any attention at all to Internet industry news in the past year or so, you know that Google (and others) are pushing for the adoption of security certificates across the board for all websites. Technically, your website does not really NEED a security certificate unless you are doing online transactions or capturing sensitive data from your visitors. In those cases a secure site is not just recommended, it is required. However, there are a few things you might want to consider before you dismiss the idea of a secure certificate on your run-of-the-mill web presence.

Let’s first talk about the fact that having a non-secure site (no SSL/TLS certificate) is now broadcast to everyone who visits. Odds are they won’t really think twice about it — but what if they do? People are getting more security conscious every day and a welcome sign that says “this site is not secure” isn’t exactly going to lend them an air of confidence. SSL certificates can be relatively inexpensive (and sometimes free) and they are cheap insurance for giving your visitors the warm fuzzies. Without a security certificate, any traffic to your site can be inspected by their ISP or even by your own network administrator. This is more problematic in some cases than others, but avoiding the whole scenario is by far the better path.

Why Your SEO Failed

Then there is the issue of the SEO on your site. If placing well in the search engines is any concern at all, then the fact that Google gives bonus points to secure sites should strike a chord with you. No SSL? Google says, “meh”. SSL? Google says, “Good Job!”

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