Your Website Is Never Done

When is the last time you updated your business website? Did you have a giant rework or redesign? Did you launch a brand new site because you didn’t have one before? Or maybe you just finally added that one picture you’ve been meaning to take of your staff. It’s easy to get to a point with your website and forget about it. It’s there. It’s working. Why touch it again?

Fight the urge to think that way. Here’s why!

Upgrades and updates

When software is outdated or no longer compatible, it will need to be changed. This is one of the biggest struggles of companies that support many different users. You will always need to update or fix things as they come up. This is even more true when you talk about websites and the web in general. With many different web browsers, constantly changing web standards, and the ability for anyone in the world to reach your website, it’s important to not fall behind. Keep things updated. You’ll be glad you did.

Adding content

Fresh content is important. The more you can create new, relevant content, the more favorable Google and other search engines will view your site. It also drives user engagement and can get people in the habit of coming back to your site. This may seem like a huge hassle, but there are many ways to accomplish this.

Sources of fresh content that you might want to use in the future on your website include upcoming events, monthly specials, new services, and more. Even a simple monthly newsletter or blog post can make a difference.

Taking new photos

Photos are one of the best ways to bring a lot of personality and design aesthetic to your site with minimal effort on your end. The key is getting quality photos. There are many free stock photography sites out there, but in our opinion, you’ll need to spend a little money to get quality photos. You can also hire a photographer to take custom photography just for you! Powerserve has partnered with several great local photographers so that we can provide custom photography to our clients that they will love.

This sounds like a lot of work

It can be. But it’s also a great way to keep your brand relevant and compliment marketing campaigns or SEO work. Start small, and see what makes sense for your business. Your website is your hardest working employee. Give it the tools it needs to succeed!